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Cover Reveal - Outcast Like Me

Are you ready to see the cover for

Outcast Like Me?

They say high school will be the best years of your life.

It's a lie.

Lexie and Dylan used to be the best of friends. That all changed the summer before freshman year when their mothers skipped town together without explanation.

When the scandal broke and fueled the school rumor mill, it branded Lexie as an outcast. For three excruciatingly long years, she faced endless torment by heartless bullies in her class.

It wasn't long after his mother left that Dylan ran headlong into a slippery slope of self-destruction. As he rose to the top of the social ladder, he turned his back on Lexie and used bitter resentment to hide his pain.

When the two are forced to spend the summer together, tensions run high, but emotions run higher as the former best friends struggle to navigate the uneasy months ahead. But even if Lexie and Dylan can find their way back to each other, can either learn to forgive their mothers when the truth behind their leaving comes out?

Genre: Young Adult

Cover Designed By: Sonya Loveday

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Pixabay

Release Date: September 21st, 2018

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