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Exclusive Excerpt!

I have an exclusive excerpt for you from my next book!

This book is a bit different than the others I've written, because I'm not what you'd call a consistent genre writer.

I dabble where my active imagination takes me.

And this time it's taking me on a whirlwind to the past.

You'll still get the same angsty, romantic suspense I usually have in my stories.

But there will be so much more than that.

Can you imagine holding a key that could unlock a door that would take you anywhere in the past?

What would you see?

Where would you go?

The exclusive excerpt will only be on Book + Main.

Click HERE to read!

While you're on my Book + Main page give it a follow and check out all the other book bites I've posted! There's bites for every one of my books.


Book + Main prides themselves on being a reader friendly site!

What's so great about Book + Main?

Readers sign up for free.

Search keywords to find stories you'll enjoy.

No sales gimmicks.

Find new to you authors.


I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday.

Much love,


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